gantry cranes

A Frame - Air/Pneumatic Tire Gantry Cranes

1,000, 2,000 3,000 & 4,000 LB Cap. AC "Air Caster" Gantry

Our Air Caster A Frame style aluminum gantry crane was designed for customers that require the height and design of an A Frame model gantry, but where conditions are unsuitable for the polyurethane casters associated with our standard A Frames. The duel casters make for smoother rolling over rooftops, hard packed level dirt areas, etc. Air casters come standard with brakes and 4 position locking pins.

Our Air Caster A Frame models, by removing the adapter plate, allows our standard poly casters to be used. This will allow you the versatility of having both air and poly casters for the same gantry, depending upon your required application. When using the air casters the I beam braces must be used. When using the poly casters, braces are not necessary. There will be some loss in height between the air and poly casters. Please refer to charts for specifications.


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