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Machinery Moving Skates

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moving skates

The rocking top plate is also removable if so desired, for a lower profile.

There is no other equipment moving skate like ours.  It's design is one of a kind.

Machinery moving skates features:

  • Rocking top plate for even load disbursement up and down inclines also makes climbing deck plates and thresholds easier and lessons the risk of dolly kick outs.

  • Locking bars convert it into a more traditional machinery moving skate in seconds.

  • Removable top rocking plate

  • Capacity 7,550 pounds per skate set of four 30,200 capacity

  • Steering skate.

  • (4) Polyurethane wheels for added floor protection

  • Double sealed ball bearings eliminates dirt from entering bearings for much easier moving and longer wheel life.

  • 1/2" dia. 13 threaded hole in top plate for added safety for use with your own fixtures / brackets.  

Above steering dolly in locked position

Our model BR4ST steering dolly above uses a .375" steel circle by 6" dia. with 5 steel grippers. It is held in place by a .50" by 13 threaded grade 8 taper head bolt from above and a jam nut below. We use a .125" thick Delrin bushing for ease in turning. The Delrin bushing has a 5,000 psi capacity. Turning plate removal can be done in minutes for fixed dolly application or for bushing replacement. With it's one of a kind rocking top plate our machinery moving dolly places equal weight on all four polyurethane wheels, even when ascending or descending inclines up to 5 degrees. This design makes climbing steels plates and thresholds easier. Because of the weight displacement it also extends the life of the wheels. When weight is distributed evenly over top, each dolly has a load capacity of 7,550 lbs. Used in a set of (4) this dolly gives you the ability to move equipment weighing up to 30,200 pounds.  For machinery / equipment with smaller legs or narrow bases just flip the two locking bars and your moving dolly now has a stationary top plate. This gives you the more conventional machinery moving skate. All of our large machinery moving dollies come standard with a 1/2" 13 threaded hole in the center of it's 8" square .50" thick top plate. This allows you to bolt the dollies to the equipment for safer moving. Should you use custom moving brackets these too can be attached as well. 

Because we use (4) wheels instead of just 2 large ones this makes it easier to turn. With the 95 duro rated polyurethane wheels it gives you the ability for moving over a larger variety of surfaces. We use a double sealed ball bearing system to prevent contaminants from entering the bearings for a long life. Each wheels measures 2.75"w x 3.00" dia. with a .750" axle.  

Custom brackets like the one above are also available please ask for a quote.

The bracket above and below show how you can a attach either a 4x4 or 2x4 skid.  This would also work if it were a 4 inch steel box beam, shown in the movie above.  This greatly reduces the chance of loosing a skate by way of a kick out, especially  when using skates in sets of four or more.  As you can see, custom brackets are virtually limitless.

We also manufacture the above skate/s without the locking bars such as our BR4FXNB.  They are designed for moving larger footprint items that can afford to have the rocking plate move.  If you are moving equipment with smaller footprints then our standard models with the locking bars would be more suitable.

All of our "NB" 4 wheel models carry the same load capacities and same great features as our standard models again with the exception of the locking bars.


Above are just some of the many ideas that one could use for custom attachments


Our moving skates can either ship UPS or via common carrier.  A shipping quote can be provided at your request. Overseas shipping is not an issue, we ship to Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa  

 Note: Shipping is F.O.B. from Elko NV, 89801

For pricing please contact us by phone, fax or E mail.

Model # Length 0A Width OA Height to Top Plate Capacity per dolly Approx. Weight Lbs
At 2 mph
BR4FX 13.25" 9.25" 5" 7,550 Lbs. 37
BR4ST 13.25" 9.25" 5.50" 7,550 Lbs. 39
BR4FXNB 13.25" 9.25" 5" 7,550 Lbs. 35
BR4STNB 13.25" 9.25" 5.50" 7,550 Lbs. 37